How to frame a Diamond Painting: Step-by-Step Guide

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How to frame a Diamond Painting: Step-by-Step Guide

This article explains how to frame a diamond painting neatly and attractively. Look at the picture below, paying attention to the edges and how the diamonds line up nicely at the corners.

The best way how to frame a diamond panting art

The guide was written especially for a product that you can find on My Etsy store (GetLargePrint): Stretcher for Diamond painting | Custom size...
I assume your stretcher has already been delivered to you. And you can apply the guide to your artwork.


Framing steps:

  1. Assemble the stretcher
  2. Align and secure the Diamond canvas
  3. Stretch a Diamond painting stretcher
  4. AFQ


#1 Assemble the stretcher

All bars have been marked with numbers on the corners (on the face of bars #1.1). Every corner has two bars, and it is marked with the same number (short bat corner #1 should be connected with a long bar corner #1, and so on). Align stretching bars, you should see numbers on the face of the bars and connect the bars #1.2. Join bars #1.3. Align the stretching frame with the face area of your diamond painting #1.4. The frame should cover 100% of the face area, and all frame edges should be parallel to face area edges; if not, fix the geometry of the frame.

Assembly of diamond painting stretcher step one. Bars alignment.

Assembly of diamond painting stretcher step one.


#2 Align and secure the canvas on the bars

Align the artwork with the frame and temporarily secure the canvas to the frame. The face of the frame should be covered with the canvas, so numbers on corners should be under the canvas.

Align the face area corners to the frame corners, you can fold the canvas (look at figure #2.3) to check if the corners on their places. Fold the center part of the edge (as shown in figure #2.2) and attach the canvas with paper masking tape to the frame (#2.2), or you can use clamps.

Process of how to align and secure a daimond painting on stretching bars

Anchor the central part of each edge with a few staples on each side #2.5. When the central parts of all sides are secured, continue to attach the canvas a few inches with every iteration using a cross pattern (top, bottom, left, right) moving from the center to the corners of the frame. At that moment, you need to keep the focus on how accurately the edges are aligned (#2.6) and ignore the tension of the canvas (the tension will be fixed later). Fold corners (#2.7-9) on top and bottom of your application (it will be less noticeable) and try to avoid adding staples into the corner key channels (#2.10). If you have an extra canvas on the backside, secure it to the frame (#2.10).

Assembly of diamond painting stretcher step 2.


#3 Stretch the Diamond painting canvas with your Diamond painting stretcher

Stretching starts from hammering keys down in their slots. Install all corner keys into their slots with finger pressure (#3.1). Put your application on the bottom edge and gently hit the vertical keys (#3.2). The keys will push the left-bottom and the right-bottom edges out. So you need to repeat forcing keys for all thor edges. Every time when you hit the key with a hummer, a gap will appear between the bars (#3.3). The size of that gap controls the canvas tension. Stretch the canvas in a few iterations, you will see the tension comes immediately, so move slowly.

Process of how to stretch a daimond painting frame on stretching bars

If the key does not fit its slot, probably a staple prevents that. Remove the staple from the slot, stretch the canvas, and put it back.

The stretching is done. Now you can make the final tack. Align diamonds on the edges, sile the application, and secure the stretched painting into a picture frame.



How can I make sure the frame fits my Diamond Painting perfectly?

When you order the frame, make sure to provide the exact dimensions of your art. It's your responsibility to get the dimensions accurately.

Can I use the dimensions printed under the glue area of my Diamond Painting to order a stretcher?

No, it's best to double-check the size covered by diamonds and order the exact size. Sometimes, these dimensions aren't accurate, so ordering the wrong size can ruin the good stretching experience.

Can I use a regular canvas bar to stretch my Diamond art?

Regular canvas bars have round edges, which not align perfectly diamonds on the edges. Diamond stretching bars, designed specifically for diamond painting, have square edges to ensure all diamonds face the viewer, resulting in a professional-looking finish. So, yes. But you will always know that the result could be better.

I'm new to stretching canvases. Can I still do it?

Yes, the stretcher system is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it beginner-friendly. Plus, it doesn't require glue, so you have room for error and can easily correct mistakes.

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    Currently, this is the optimal method for displaying Diamond’s art. I wish I hadn’t opted for bars with adhesive. The ideal solution here would be custom sizing.

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