Canvas stretcher bars

Medium size canvas stretcher bars

Medium size Canvas stretcher bars


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Medium size canvas stretcher bars 1" thick. Custom length of bars under 70" long.

Large Canvas Stretchers Bars

Large size Canvas Stretchers Bars


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1" deep custom size stretcher bars for large size application with 70" and longer bars.

Heavy-duty Canvas Stretching Bars

Heavy-duty Canvas Stretching Bars


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1.5" thick custom-size heavy-duty canvas stretching bars for large-scale applications.

Classic American stretching bars with custom size

Custom size stretching bars with 1"x1.5" profile

These classic 1” thick canvas stretcher bars are great for medium canvas base art applications. When you place an order, we will consider the size you need and automatically include additional brace/cross-braces needed for your frames. Corner keys, hungers, and Free US shipping are included.

To get the price of your custom stretcher set you need to open the listing on Etsy, calculate the perimeter of your application (for example 27"+27"+64"+64"=182"), and select the perimeter option (180-189 inches for this example 182").

Benefits of using my bars:

  • Custom size (inches, centimeters, fractions of an inch, millimeters - works everything)
  • Super easy to use (no glue required)
  • Light weight (dry redwood)
  • All included (The set always contains all you need to assemble the stretcher - bars, braces/cross-braces, corner keys, and hungers)
  • Accurately adjust size
  • Easy to get a quote (Price based on a perimeter length)

Small/Medium-size canvas stretching bars with 1"x1.5" bar profile.

This product is for a frame with long bars up to 70"x45" (with a maximum perimeter length of 230".) Fitting for all types of canvases.

Large-size canvas stretching bars with 1"x1.5" bar profile.

It is the same "Medium canvas stretching bars" only for large frames where the long side is more than 70 inches, and the whole perimeter length is more than 230 inches. The long bars will be composite with reinforced joints. This operation is needed to facilitate delivery and assembly. Suitable for light prints or cloth.

Heavy-duty canvas stretching bars with 1.5"x2.25" bar profile.

This product was designed for medium and large sizes canvas stretchers. It is suitable for all types of canvases, including heavy oil paintings with double canvases. The stretching bars are made of laminated wood. The kit includes stretcher bars, braces, corner wrenches, hangers, and detailed instructions for assembling the frame and canvas stretching.

A special modification of stretching bars for Diamond painting

I have special stretching bars designed for Diamond Painting artworks. It is The stretcher bars have square edges, which gives a clean and crisp look to the final result without any rounding. The stretching system with corner keys makes the stretching process safe without local overstretching. You can find more details on the step-by-step assembly guide for Diamond Painting stretchers.

How to select the right size of stretcher system for your canvas/artwork?

There are a few tricky moments. For a smooth experience, make sure to review our guide on how to select the perfect stretcher size for your artwork.

The assembly process of Canvas stretcher bars.

The process is very simple, everyone can do that. Also, you can unassailable the stretcher back and try again. So you have no chance of screwing up the process. Check out The stretcher bar assembly guide.