Offer for Bay area Interior designers

Large and extra-large wall art are effective tools for an interior designer. With large-scale wall art, you can put accents in a room, make color transitions, enlarge the space, and much more.  And have access to a person who can fulfill a custom order (printing, stretching, framing, and installation) is an excellent booster for your creativity.

If you are an interior designer and you are located in the SF Bay Area this offer can be for you!

The main cooperation flow

When you create a large-scale wall art you need to focus NOT on the existing market with exist, common, or available sizes, ratios, or colors but on the largest collection of images, photos, texture, and abstractions on the photo stock market with your own aspect ratio and size. Assortment is in thousand times wider and more creative than existing market and can fit your needs. Actually you can create a brand new product based on your vision.

I care about getting a license for it, adapting to your needs, I will print it, stretch, frame, and instal it for your client. So, I will be your contractor.


  • Free of coordination work between a Print lab, framer, and Installation teams.
  • You can make your own pricing on unique wall art.
  • All are made in the USA. All materials are local, so there is no delay in shipping.

Criteria and limits

  • Use to find image course. I have paid excess to its resources. For example, look at those colors
  • Printing. 56 inches maximum face width (60" wide print) with no length limits. For example you can have 56" x 170" panoramic print framed in a floating frame.
  • Stretching and framing have no limits. So far the biggest frame I made is 9'x12' for a NY client. For example, it can be some original and exotic paintings from other countries.


Contact me if you are interested and ready to boost your experience and result.